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Presence Control with Fever Detection

Presence Control / Time Control System for workers with integrated infrared thermometer, for Fever Detection, or Access Control (with the possibility of opening doors), with the following characteristics: Identification by PIN (6 digits for employees, 9 digits for administrators). Takes a Photo of the employee at sign-in/out, to avoid bad practices (check- in/out for another employee, sign-in before putting on the work uniform, sign-out after putting on street clothes, etc.). Allows to give Messages or Notices to employees, which are shown right after signing in/out, avoiding the need to look for the employee to communicate something. The message can be given spoken aloud, to avoid the need to read it. Eliminate Delays or Early Departures, ending bad practices and repeated absences, establishing rules of behavior. Reduces and automates administrative management, automatically generating monthly lists of Hours-Day and Hours-Month real, per shift and countable for payroll, per employee. Integrated Infrared Thermometer (optional), for Fever Detection. When signing in/out, take the employee's temperature, without contact. The system has no limitation on the number of employees and consists of the following elements: A Terminal for Sign-in/out, 7-inch Android tablet type with security housing-support, anti-theft, communicated by Wifi. Optionally, up to 99 terminals, local or remote, can be added. A Desktop Data Management Application, for Windows environment, that receives the information from the Terminal and allows all the management of the system (employee database, with photo; input-output database, with photo when entering / exit; monthly listings of hours-days and hours-months per employee; management and control of terminals; etc.). Also is available an App to sign-in/out from Android Mobile, which takes a photo and records the GPS position of the employee when signing in/out. In the Data Management Application you can see the position from where it was signed in/out, on a Google map.

Custom Industrial Application Development

We develop industrial applications for PC-Windows environment, according to specific customer requirements. Based on a rigorous and detailed analysis of the problem and the client's needs, we offer a complete solution, both software and hardware. We have extensive experience in development of industrial applications with: Communication with all types of computers and industrial equipment. Control of peripheral devices (card readers/writers, receipt, label and card printers, banknote reader, coin readers, coin systems, PLC's, etc. PC-PLC Integration in industrial control applications and access control. PLC Software Development.

Custom Desktop Application Development

We develop Desktop applications for PC-Windows environment according to specific customer requirements. with the following possibilities: Database Management. Connection with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) for process automation (generation of documents and invoices, automatic sending by e-mail, etc.). Generation of all kinds of reports. Communication with magnetic/chip card readers/writers, barcode readers/printers, etc.

Custom Mobile Application Development

We develop all kind of custom mobile applications for Android and IOS (iPhone, iPad): Corporate Applications, Tools, Utilities, Widgets, etc.., allowing: Database Management. Communication by Wifi and / or Bluetooth. GPS positioning with map management Camera Control, Flash, position sensors, etc. Download our free application Easy Schedule.

Web Application Development

We do integral design of websites by applying HTML, DHTML, java, javascript, flash, etc. We develop websites with high browsing speed by means of a careful optimization of them. The customer can update data on the web (news, jobs, etc.) without any technical knowledge, through our web editor, very intuitive and easy to use.

Multimedia Information Points

These information points have a modern and attractive design. They operate by TFT 15'' color anti-vandalic touch screen. They include PC and speakers and we offer in option an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) and magnetic and chip card reader for application requirements. Colors are personalized like logo and brand image. Top panel is customizable and available in several materials: methacrylate, wood (dm), plastic, etc. to harmonize with environment. This information points also offer high grade of accessibility to handicapped people, thanks to the design made by Jordi Mañà, industrial designer, member of the Spanish Ergonomics Association and Master's of Ergonomics professor of the Catalonian Polytechnic University, winner of the famous international prize Arai Safety Award.

Shop Window Information Points

This incredible system allows to access from the street to the information points options (with any software) converting the glass area where is installed the sensor in a real touch screen with all its functions, symply by touching with the finger over the shop window glass. Touch sensor installation is fast and easy; it's made over the glass of any existing window and is not needed cut it or drill it, simply sticking it with an double sided adhesive (supplied) in the inner face of the window glass. It's no necessary to put anything at the outer side. All the information points elements remain into the establishment (you have not to subscribe any additional insurance). One of the system advantage is that the exposed information is accessible actually when the establishment is closed (information 24 hours 365 days a year). This system works with any kind of monitor or television. It's not necessary drill the window glass. Not affected by dirt and rain on the outside of the window. Works fast and accurately with glass up to 16 mm thick. Works with gloved hands. Available in many sizes (up to 40 inch)

Ticket Vending Machines

BGSoft has developed an exclusive multimedia software to sell products with ticket vending machine, with control of peripheral devices (banknote readers, coin system, magnetic band printer, credit card reader, chip card reader), accounting control and sale by touch screen navigation with menus and audio messages in various languages. The software is fully customizable and allows you to quickly modify, add or remove products to sell, change the shape and colors of the buttons, etc.. These machines have been pioneers in their field, being the first in the world used for transport ticketing using touch screen control. But its most revolutionary feature is the innovative voice navigation system, specially designed to facilitate the use of the machine to visually impaired or illiterate people.

Cashiers for Parking

BGSoft has developed the hardware and software for these cashiers. The exclusive multimedia software for parking tickets collection controls all the peripheral devices (banknotes reader, coins reader, coins dispenser, magnetic and chip card reader, receipts printer, barcode scanner, etc). The program is fully customizable and allows you to modify, add or remove payment options, languages, etc. Its interface includes menus and auditive messages in several languages

Internet Browser for Touchscreen

We have developed an Internet Browser for Touch Screen (BGSExplor) with all the classic browser functions used with keyboard and mouse. Its basic characteristics are: Based upon Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, uses the kernel of this browser to implement all its functionality and self characteristics. This means that it behave exactly equal than Microsoft Internet Explorer. To keep BGSExplor always updated you only have to update Microsoft Internet Explorer without depending on BGSoft. Designed to be controlled by a touch screen, not being necessary to have hardware keyboard or mouse, but still fully compatible with them. Large navigation buttons (it is possible to change language). Functionality associated to vertical and horizontal scroll bars implemented (Up, Down, Left, Right, PageUp, PageDown, Home and End). This allows to move through Internet pages more intuitively (to non habituated people) and without the difficulty that imply pointing with the finger to the scroll bars, that are so little to use them with the finger. Virtual on-screen keyboard. It will show / hide by pressing a button at the screen. This allows you to enter URL addresses of the webs you would like to visit and furthermore to fill the data fields of the possible forms that can appear while browsing. Possibility of restrict access to certain Internet addresses (websites with pornographic content, for example), using a database of allowed URLs. You can add any other features required by the customer or that you find interesting, such as generating statistics on access to Internet pages or sites.

Technical Consulting

Based on our extensive experience in the implementation of projects, we can provide appropriate technical advice to our customers. We analyze every aspect of the project with the objective of achieving an optimal realization. This means getting the best functionality and simplicity of use, within appropriate time and reducing costs. We advise both software and hardware, choosing appropriate equipment with the best price / quality ratio on the market.

High Security Locks and Products

BGSoft is the Spanish delegation of the company Airteq Systems (A Division of Norment Security Group at the USA), manufacturer of a wide range high security products: Electrical, electropneumatic and mechanical locks, door position inductive sensors, hinges, key cylinders, special high security keys, etc. These products have been installed at: CAN BRIANS prison (Barcelona, Spain. CAN BRIANS women pavillion (Barcelona, Spain). Penitentiary Hospital of Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain). Generalitat de Catalunya railway (Catalonia, Spain. Arlanda Express Railway (Stockholm, Sweden).

High Security Access Controls

We develop Centralized High Security Access Controls with PC-PLC control: We supply High Security Locks and Products. We perform electrical project, schematics and documentation. We build command and control facilities. We develop custom software for PC and PLC. We maintain the facilities. We perform "turnkey" project management.

Internet and Vigilance Cameras

These cameras are installed into a computer net and are controlled by means a virtual and interactive graphical interface very intuitive, complete and easy to use. This interface controls horizontal and vertical movements, zoom, focus, etc. If the computer net where the camera is connected has internet access by means a DSL router, it is possible to publish the image took by the camera, and also it is possible to contol it from Internet. Also it is possible to install the camera outdoors. The camera is installed into a protective chassis with heating system specially designed for this objective.